Its crazy the way our brains remember smells. You catch one small scent and suddenly you are five years old in the kitchen with your grandma helping her bake cherry pies again. Or eating a hot bowl of spaghettios in the snow igloo you built with your dad after the giant snow storm of '96. Or sneaking cookie dough off the spoon while you are helping your mom make chocolate chip cookies. Smells can travel you across the globe in a heartbeat.  The basil on your margharita pizza and you are transported to the Tuscan countryside that you have only seen in pictures. Fresh bread and your are transported to a Parisian street hand in hand with the person you love. Every day in my restaurant i relive a memory or create a new one with the open of a n oven door or the chop of a knife on the cutting board. It's crazy the way our brain remembers smells.

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