Beyond Cooking

When you buy a home, apparently you are actually getting two places to stay - the house you purchased being your primary residence, and Lowe's being the second.  It feels like I could single-handedly keep that business going with the amount of time and money I have spent there since purchasing my new home. This weekend was especially rough.  It was all about getting our house ready for our family to see when they come down for Christmas (which is creeping up on us quickly by the way).  We have a lot to do, but have also gotten a lot done. Our kitchen is a complete disaster right now.  It is driving me stir-crazy because I'm not able to do any baking.  All i can do is microwave things.  That will be better after today though - Tyler is going to finish painting the cabinets, install the new hardware, and add under-the-cabinet lighting - I can hardly wait.  On the side of forward progress, we purchased a dining room table on black friday from a local wood shop.  We just now got around to staining it this deep kona color. It is beautiful. We froze our butts off staining it though. We didn't want the stain smelling up the house so we went outside in 40 degree weather to stain it.  We actually took turns outside in the cold until the table was completely done.  It was well worth it in the end. (The hot chocolate helped too).  In the pics there is only one bench at the table, but that's because we are waiting for our awesome looking chairs to be delivered to the house. Once they arrive I will definitely post the pics with the finished table.

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