Just in case you were wondering

I thought I'd share with you some of my New Year's resolutions.  Some I know I can do and others I wish I would do.
1. Drink less coffee and more tea. (I'm actually doing a really good job on this one so far)
2. Improve my photography
3. Follow through with things start to finish
4. Finish my kitchen - who knew it would be so time consuming
5. Make dinner - not just cereal or PB&J's and call that dinner, but actual meat & veggies.
6. Runaway with Tyler where no one can find us for a day

Here are some photos of the kitchen renovations.

After painting the cabinets white we decided to leave the doors off the awkwardly huge two door cabinet  above.  Just waiting on the husband to add the bead-board on the back and new shelves that are nice and thick, and the right color of white.  Pictured below are the awesome new door knobs Tyler installed. Sorry the photos a little blurry

Now the big question is which tile backsplash to go with? Do we want a white out look (which we love) or have a hint of color (which this sea green look would be perfect)?  Decisions, Decisions.

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