My Weekend in Review

I haven't posted in awhile, the reason being that I was sick as a dog. I really don't know where "sick as a dog" came from...anyone?  But on a different note, I definitely made up for it this weekend by making Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels and Stuffed French Toast (to come later this week).  It was a pretty busy weekend in my house with all the cooking and painting.  Yes, you heard me right, painting.  When Tyler & I bought this house every single room was painted grey.  It took us over a month to pick the right color for the master bedroom, but we did it!  Once it's completely done I'll post some photos but until then I thought I'd give you a little preview of my weekend.
 (at B&N trying to pick out a new baking cookbook)
 (amazing frozen yogurt with chocolate chips)
 (a very nice surprise at my door step when i got home from work)
 (little preview of the stuffed french toast yum yum)

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