The Story of Us

I moved to South Carolina in 2003 to go to school. I got a job as a hostess at Texas Road House while I was going to school. That is where I met Tyler.  He was from a small town in Pennsylvania and moved to South Carolina for school as well.  He worked in the kitchen as the baker.  The hostess stand, which was in front of the bread window, made it easy for us to talk the night away.  Eventually, we both realized that we liked each other and so began our story.   About a month after we started dating, Tyler parents and one of his aunts came to visit him, and I was so nervous to meet them because we had just started dating. But here's the funny thing- the whole time we were eating breakfast with them, I thought his aunt was his mom because she was playing the 20 questions game with me.  Talk about being intimidated...thank goodness she liked me.  She is now one of my favorite aunts ;)  But don't worry, Tyler didn't get off easy when it came to meeting my family either.  He actually met them over Thanksgiving break.  I remember him being just as nervous as I was to meet his family on the drive down to Georgia. Thanksgiving dinner turned out very interesting.  Tyler is from the north where things are done a little differently when it comes to food.  We all had our food on our plates and were just starting to dig in when I noticed that Tyler had poured gravy all over his potato salad.  I asked him why he did that and his response was "I thought they were mashed potatoes".  I couldn't help but to break out in laughter because he had never heard of southern potato salad before that day.  Of course my family wanted to know what was so funny...well let's just say everyone had a good laugh at Tyler's expense.  Jump ahead a few years, it was my birthday weekend and Tyler had booked a bed and breakfast getaway for us in Charleston, SC.  At night we took a walk around the city and before I knew it Tyler was pulling out a ring and mumbling something that translated to "Will you marry me?" I didn't even realize until after I had said YES that we were standing in the same place we had our very first picture taken of us years ago.  What a sweet wonderful amazing man! A little over a year later we were married on May 16, 2009.

Happy Anniversary Tyler!!!

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