Update on my Kitchen Renovation

 What a mess
Well, it only took two weeks, but it is finally done! Tyler and I replaced the stone backsplash with a shiny new stainless steel one, then we put in a subway tile backsplash with white grouting. I am so happy to have covered the hideous looking walls that were there before.  It feels great to have gotten so much accomplished already. We just got the house in November, and in the kitchen alone we have installed under the cabinet lighting, painted the cabinets and replaced the hardware, turned an ugly oversized cabinet into beautiful looking exposed shelving, redid the stove backsplash, installed a tile backsplash, and added pendant lighting!  And that's just the kitchen!  Next step in the kitchen is to replace the ugly bar countertop with a nicer butcher block top that actually matches the rest of the house. We will get to that later this summer, right now its time to go outside and get the front AND back yard in tip top shape.


  1. That was fast! I’m surprised how you were able to transform your kitchen in such a short time. It turned out great! The whole space looks amazing. The combination of black and white colors looks very classy. And the pendant lighting adds a warm feeling to the kitchen.

    1. Thanks! We absolutely love our kitchen now.

  2. Working together made the renovation faster. Two weeks were all you needed to pull off this kitchen transformation. May I say that it looks like a job done by a professional! Good luck on your other renovations.

    -Jon Barnes @ LyonConstruct