Random Thoughts

I didn't bake anything this weekend due to the fact that I just didn't feel like it.  If you bake it you have to eat it, and the holidays are creeping up with the 10 extra pounds that come with them.  That is why I decided against baking, but no worries, I'll be back to it this weekend with some Halloween cupcakes.  So until then here are some random thoughts that have been circling around my head.

I want this for my living room very badly.  Our house work is slowly creeping along, and I mean real slow. We did however just get this dresser for our big empty wall in the dining room/living room area.  Pictures to come once its actually finished - we still have to find the right knobs and a lamp.

Halloween has never been a big deal to me.  As an adult, I have never dressed up for Halloween, but I would love to dress my little doggy up in this...but I'm pretty sure he would hate me for it. 

I so wish my kitchen looked like this.  A girl can dream!

I need this at my house!! As much as Tyler & I spend on coffee from Starbucks, maybe this would help us save some money...but probably not.

I need to make these.  I don't have a Sprinkles Cupcake shop anywhere near me (so sad), but this would be the next best thing right?   

(picture source pinterest)

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