completing my first challenge

A couple of weeks ago over at A Cup of Jo  (a blog I follow), she started this weekly challenge.  Her first challenge for everyone was to give up television for a week.  Well I wasn't able to do that I came up with my own challenge.  My husband works most nights so I just end up eating a bowl of cereal or making a PB&J.  I mean it's hard trying to cook for one person sometimes - there's no motivation.  But for my challenge I was going to make a dinner for each night he wasn't home.  It actually was very nice to sit down with a nice hot meal in front of me instead of my normal milk and cereal. 

 {Shrimp Pasta}
 {Spinach, Tomato, & Feta Cheese Pizza}
 {Buffalo Chicken Salad}
{Chicken Taco Soup}

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