georgia on my mind

This past weekend Tyler & I headed to good ol' Georgia to visit with my family.  While there we took a side trip to Andersonville, Ga.  I wouldn't expect any of you to know why Andersonville is so important.  I mean, I grew up only an hour away from it and didn't even know it was in my backyard.  So here it is: Andersonville was a prisoner of war camp for the Confederate army during the civil war.  It housed over 45,000 Union soldiers.  Of those soilders, 13,000 died from starvation, sanitation, the lack of shelter from the hot Georgia sun, and no health care, all within a 14 month period. The pictures they showed of the union soilders were beyond words.  They were skin and bones, I mean you could literally see every single bone in their body.  It was a sad sight to see.  We got to walk around the prison camp and see where the union soldiers tried digging under trees for a water source. We visited the cemetery where the bodies of the 13,000 union soilders were laid to rest. 

On a much happier note I got to spend some wonderful and much needed time with my family.  I never really noticed before but there are a ton of cotton fields around my hometown.  I guess it takes not living there to really appreciate its beauty. 

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