Happy Birthday...to me

Well, I am another year older now, the big two eight.  Scary...Thirty is getting to be a little too close for comfort!  I know people say your thirties can be some of your best years but I'm in no hurry to get there.  I have noticed that as each year passes I care a little less about doing anything special on this day.  But who really wants to celebrate getting older after a certain age.  However, my day wasn't so bad.  I got home from work and there were a few packages sitting on the table that I was not expecting.  My husband and I had agreed that we weren't doing any gifts this year and we would use the money we saved to put hardwood floors in our bedrooms instead.  He never listens.  He got me this watch I have had my eye on for some time now.  I didn't have a clue.  That was incredible and definitely a surprise, but my favorite part was the cake he baked from scratch.  It was a double-layered buttermilk yellow cake with a fluffy chocolate ganache frosting. It not only looked incredible, it tasted delicious!!  He used a recipe out of my new favorite baking book called 'Flour'.  He did an amazing job!

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