...and the baby shower saga continues

^Picture of me before decorations were put up^
In my last post I was throwing a baby shower for my friend. Now it's my turn! My friend Jennifer did an amazing job putting this baby shower together - no thanks to me of course (I may be a little indecisive at times). I may have tried to change the theme of the shower about a hundred times, but she still remained my friend - God Bless Her! In the end I just stepped away from helping to pick the theme and left it up to her.  I'm glad I did because what I got was beyond anything I could have ever imagined.  I absolutely loved the yellow & gray color scheme with the little onesies hanging from the fireplace.  Her mother, Dee, made the pom-poms for her shower last week, and then did the same for me this week and they looked incredible...again! The food tasted great and the game she picked out was very creative and a lot of fun.  Jennifer and Dee did a great job and I'm lucky to have her as a friend.  It also helps having someone to go through this experience with...her first child is due about 7 days ahead of mine!

Everyone had a great time that was able to make it to my shower.  However, I live very far away from most of my family, so many of them were not able to be there, but they got creative and hosted an 'absentee shower' for me in Pennsylvania.  The whole family was there but me (sad face).  They had cupcakes and punch and everyone brought presents to load into my mother-in-laws car for the trip to South Carolina. They all decorated onesies for Parker which was a really great idea. They also made a video for me to watch at my shower. It was really sweet and I am glad to be part of such a great family!!

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