Finding out you're pregnant can be one of the best moments of your life. You get to do all sorts of fun have baby showers, design a nursery, or eat crazy foods and not worry about your weight.  Another 'fun' thing you get to do is register for gifts at the big box baby stores!  I mean, how much fun does that sound like? You get to take a registry gun and just start pointing and shooting away at everything you want your baby to have.  It really is a blast...until you get to about the second aisle.  You get there and realize you don't have a clue what you're doing.  Thats when you decide to walk right back up to the lady who gave you that gun that said, "Would you like some help?" and you replied with a confident, "We'll be fine, how hard can it be."You just suck it up and tell them how wrong that statement was..."We need help!"  Well after going through this myself, I put together a little survival kit of must-register-for items so that maybe you won't need that lady to walk around the store with you and help you shop!

1. Sleeper or Co-Sleeper: I didn't register for this because I had the pack n play already on my list.  I found out quickly that newborns (or at least mine) don't like sleeping flat on their backs.  After two or three nights of no sleep a friend of ours recommended we get a sleeper.  The top of the sleeper is slightly elevated which helped him with his reflux as well!
2. Changing Pad: I don't need to go into much detail about this one. Changing diapers becomes a way of life with a newborn and this just makes it more comfortable for you and them.  I would also recommend registering for waterproof changing pads so that you don't have to wash the cover every time they have a blow out. (I know you can't wait for that experience!)  
3. Diaper Pail: Oh how you will need a scent-locked diaper pail...if I didn't have this I would have to take out the trash after every poopy diaper...and no one has time for that!
4. Rocker: I don't know of too many little ones that don't like to be rocked.  They love having their little ear against your chest listening to your heart beat with the back and forth motion. 
5. Hand Sanitizer: Self explanatory.  You'll need one in every room of your house...just kidding! But you will want one in the nursery and maybe out in living room for when guests come by to visit the little one. 
6. My Brest friend: A lot of people will tell you to get the Boppy, which I agree with, but not during the first month or so. The reason is that when you place the Boppy around you there is a gap between your stomach and where the Boppy begins.  A newborn is tiny and just sinks into it.  I actually got beyond flustered and started using two pillows instead, but that wasn't that much better.  I went to a Lactation Consultant and she had My Breast Friend and told me to try it out and I loved it. This is firm foam that holds up the baby at the right height and it fits tightly around you with back support. It has a little bump so that the babies can rest their heads on it with comfort. 
7. Breast Pump: This is important if you're going back to work or if you would like you husband to do some of the midnight feedings. 
8. Nursing Cover: This may or may not be important to you.  I for one am not comfortable whipping my boobs out in public, but when your baby is hungry there is no putting that off until you get home.  That's why I like the cover I got to feed my little one and not feel exposed to the world at the same time. 
9. Diaper Bag:  Unless you don't mind carrying around your beach bag for the next two years you'll need a diaper bag.  It needs to have pockets so that you're not digging around for things either. 
10. Bouncer:  If you love holding your newborn 24-7 than you won't need this but if you need your arms to cook, clean, go to the bathroom, etc., then you may want to invest in a bouncer.  My little one doesn't like going into his sleeper every time I need to put him down and he would cry bloody murder until I picked him back up.  Some family members told me that the bouncer saved them so I went out and purchased one. At first, my little one would only sit in it for about 15 minutes before wanting out, but over time he has grown to love it more and more.  I can finally get things done around the house without him in one of my arms!!
11. Infant Tub: I registered for the Puj tub but after two baths Parker no longer liked this tub.  That's not true for all babies.  I have read great things about this tub and that's why I put it on my registry.  You'll never know what your baby will like or dislike until after the fact.  I went out and got an infant to toddler with sling tub and Parker started enjoying bath time.
12. Shampoo: I love Burt's Bees products for myself, so I figured I would use them for my son too!
13. SwaddleMe: I wasn't very good with the swaddling blankets so I decided to give the SwaddleMe wraps a try.  Most newborn's are very jumpy the first few months of life and will jerk their arms around which will wake them up every time.  I found the SwaddleMe wraps were perfect for this.  You just slide your little ones legs into the pocket and hold his arms down while you wrap the sides around him.  Parker would cry for a minute or less and fall right to sleep...he actually started sleeping longer through the nights because he wasn't jerking awake every 30 minutes. 
14. Newborn Sleep n Play Suits:  These outfits are such a time saver!
15. Carrier: I love the JJ Cole Agility Carrier.  It is perfect when you have a newborn because they are curled up right against your chest.  99.9% of the time they'll fall asleep immediately. Plus this carrier grows with them through the stages. 
16. Car Seat: If you want to leave the hospital with your little one you'll need a car seat.  They can feel very big and overwhelming and not have enough head support for your newborn, so you may want to get a head support insert as well.

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