Over the weekend Tyler's family came into town, and let's just say they weren't here to see Tyler or myself.  But it gave me time to dip back into my baking since I didn't have to hold a certain someone all the time.  Tyler's mom and I where watching the food network and Trisha Yearwood's show came on and it was all about CHOCOLATE! While watching I quickly realized that she is the new Paula Dean.  That woman loves butter and more butter and even more butter! Her desserts were making my mouth water so we decided to run out to the store so we could try a couple of her recipes.  We first made her chocolate fudge but we kind of over cooked the chocolate a little bit, so even though it was good it was a little on the harder side.  Next came the chocolate poundcake, which at first wasn't as chocolatey as I was hoping for. After trying it again the next day though, I found I really liked the way it tasted.  Sometimes with pound cakes the extra day gives it time for the flavors to develop. I would definitely recommend both recipes...and Trisha Yearwood's show!

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