Lately I'm been obsessed with rugs, but it can be a little daunting trying to search for that perfect rug for your room.  Tell me if you have had this happen - you find the perfect rug for that empty space then two seconds later you look over at the price and your eyes pop out of your head.  So you say goodbye to that perfect rug and search elsewhere, but in the back of your mind you just can't get that one rug out of it.  That has happened to me more than once.  I have always wondered how people can just spend a thousand dollars on one, but as I've gotten more involved with blogging and reading other blogs I've started picking up on great websites for décor.  I thought that today I would share some of the places I've found that have great quality rugs with a great price tag attached.

1. Joss & Main - Free membership and with their ever-changing home décor you are sure to find the perfect thing for your home. I actually just found my guest room rug here the other week. 
2. One Kings Lane - like Joss & Main, this site is free to join and has new items and sales all the time.
3. Serena & Lily - I love this site for its unique designer home décor.
4. Lulu & Georgia - This site can have some pretty pricey rugs on it sometimes but if you love that glamorous meets bohemian chic meets vintage eclectic style this is the place for you. 
5. Rugs USA - Of course I couldn't leave out Rugs USA... they're always running specials during each and every holiday (I'm talking about 70% off!)

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  1. Love the purple ones :)