Tyler and I had been talking about redoing our backyard since the day we moved into this house.  But nothing beyond talking about it ever happened.  We either didn't have the time, the money, or a clear idea of what we wanted, so the project never came to life.  Fast forward to 3 years later and we got a wake up call.  My son was about to celebrate his 1st birthday and the party was going to be in our backyard (insert mortified look).  Thank the heavens that Tyler's parents were here to motivate us to get the job done.  Tyler & his dad spent the next 3 days working on removing small trees, building a flower box, and laying sod and mulch.  Lucky for us, Tyler had already completed the paver stone patio a few months before using the help from his friend.  That patio was not an easy task! It took weeks to complete because Tyler didn't always have someone there to help him or watch Parker since I was at work.  If I've never said this before let me say it's hard to do things when you don't have family near you.  The closest family to us is 4 hours away.  It's times those that make us want to pack up and move closer to family.  In the end, however, the backyard turned out beautiful.  It looked way nicer than I ever imagined it would.  Thanks for all the help Paul! 

^our backyard is actually a decent size once some of the small tree were removed^

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