This little man is growing up way too fast!  Do you ever feel like you wish away your life?  I mean, when Parker was a newborn things did not come natural for me as a new mom.  I remember holding my little colicky baby and wishing I was past this phase already.  Looking back, I wished his entire first year of life away.  I would say 'I wish he could sit up by himself' or 'I wish he could crawl already'.  Now I have a little man!..with a big personality!  That can run circles around me.  I sit around thinking about how nice would it be to just sit him in his bouncer while I fold laundry instead of him going behind me unfolding all the clothes and putting them back in the dirty laundry baskets.

I think I'm going to stop wishing for the next phase of his life to happen and just enjoy the chaos that is my life now...because it really does go by in the blink of an eye!!

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