So you know when you check the weather before you leave to go somewhere and it says 'you're good to go until blah time'...never believe it!  I was planning on taking Parker to the park that day.  Since it was starting to cloud up outside I checked the weather app on my phone.  It clearly said no rain until late we headed to the park.  I thought to myself that an overcast day was perfect for practicing some photography.  We get to the park and it's nice because it doesn't feel like a 1000 degrees outside.  All of a sudden I feel what could only be a raindrop.  I think to myself  'oh that's nothing, it's not raining until later' :-/ About 20 minutes later it was pouring...THANKS A LOT WEATHER APP!   I know I shouldn't put so much trust in an app, but who doesn't these days!?!  To make up for the lack of play time we headed for ice cream (he's spoiled, I know).  Thankfully before it started pouring (insert eye-roll) I was able to get a few photos in of Parker playing.

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