Date Night at Home

Tyler & I don't get many, if any, date nights out on the town anymore.  It's not for a lack of friends offering to babysit.  It's just that Tyler's work week is Thursday through Monday and mine is Monday through Friday.  Which leaves us with no full days off together.  So we like to think of our "date night" as either Tuesday or Wednesday night when we are both home together.  We do our normal routine with, dinner, bath, reading, bed...then it us time.  The above pictures are what I would consider the perfect date night at home feel.  Normally I'm in my pj's before we put Parker to bed but instead of doing pj's it would be nice to change into a comfortable sweater & loose jeans (two & six).  To make it feel more like a date night for me wearing some perfume (one) would shift my mood/mind set to date mode.  A fun and comfy shoe (five) would be perfect because there's no need for high heels at home...hallelujah, right!?!  A nice glass of wine (three) in hand with a fire (four) going and cuddling in layers of blankets (seven & eight) would be the final touches to my perfect date night at home.  Also, no phones in hand at all during this time is a absolute MUST!  Here's to actually doing this one day this Fall :) 

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