This past Thursday we met up with some friends at the zoo to see the Christmas lights.  This was the second time Parker got to go this year.  My mom got us a membership to the zoo since we live 5 minutes from it.  Plus, Parker is very into lions, tigers, and bears (oh my...was that a little too cheesy!?!)  The best thing about a membership is that we get unlimited visits and we are taking full advantage of that.  We got there right before the sunset so that I could get some pictures of him in front of the gorgeous Christmas tree.  It is very hard to get my two year old to sit still for pictures so I probably took 100 photos but only got 10 or 15 keepers.  Once it was dark outside we grabbed some hot chocolate and enjoyed seeing all the beautiful lights.  Parker absolutely loved it and I'm sure we will be back again and again and again. 

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