I thought it was time to introduce you to our newest edition.  It's a BOY for those who didn't know, which probably is no one at this point seeing as he's going to his 2 month check up this week (insert cringe face).  Jude was born September 1st at 5:07.  He was...get ready for it...9lbs 11oz. Holy moly that's a big boy! His actual due date was August 28th but that date came and went with no baby.  After getting an ultrasound and the tech telling me the baby was measuring around 9lbs I decided to go ahead and get induced.  The labor this time around wasn't as exhausting as it was with his brother, Parker.  Maybe it's because I had an idea of how things went or maybe the second time around is a little bit easier...with that being said it was still very painful and recovery took longer this time.

Parker loved meeting his new brother which as a parent was awesome.  There are many kids that don't take too well to new siblings but Parker isn't one of them.  He loves talking and playing with Jude (sometimes a little too rough but we're working on that).  We are loving being a family of 4!

In another post I'll talk about the first 6 weeks at home with a newborn and toddler...that was an adjustment for sure.  

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