Last year Parker wouldn't get anywhere near Santa. I think all the hair and fur and jolliness scared the daylights out of him.  You can see pics from that here.  This year however he was super excited. He waited in line and was just jabbering away about how he was a good boy and that he was going to tell Santa all the things he wanted from him...until it was actually his turn to go up. He got super shy but luckily found some courage and didn't cry or scream. He was a bit unsure about the whole situation though.  As you can tell from the photo above he wasn't about to actually sit on Santa's lap, which I was totally fine with. If you think about it, it's kinda weird the way we as parents would never allow our child to sit on a complete strangers lap except for this one time a year when it's suddenly okay haha. He ended up telling Santa that he wants a race car for Christmas and thats it, so I hope Santa delivers or he will be one upset toddler (he's been talking about Santa bringing him his race car ever since he met him).

I can't wait until Christmas morning this year because this is the first year that Parker's really starting to understand how Christmas works. All the traditions we start will forever be in his memory from this Christmas and on!  
Jude wasn't having any of it with Santa this year lol
Why can't I get all 3 boys to look at me at the same time ugh

PS: sorry Parker's blurry in all the picture, that kid can't sit still for 2 seconds these days, ha

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