So we took our yearly family trip to Hilton Head back in June and lets just say it didn't feel like a vacation at all. After being there for only one day Jude started to have green stuff drain out of both his eyes.  My first thought was pinkeye, but his eyes never actually changed any color.  Then I decided it must be a sinus infection. By day 3 we decided to take him to the doctor's care on the island.  Low and behold he had nasty ear infection (that's how the doctor described it at least).  Any parent knows how fussy a child can be with one of those! But there's more...while at the doctors office Jude started to break out in hives.  Literally right in front of the doctor they started to appear.  She gave us a prescription for a steroid  if the hives didn't clear up or started to appear on his neck and face.   Before we even made it to the pharmacy for the prescription the hives were creeping up his neck.  Needless to say we started the steroid immediately.  I’m guessing the salt in the air caused his sinus infection which led to the ear infection and the hives.  As for Parker, he started having the same eye drainage but  it never got any worse...thank goodness! We did try to take Jude back to the beach after 2 full days on his antibiotic but unfortunately we only made it 30 minutes before he turned fussy.  Tyler and I took him back to the room while Parker stayed at the beach with the grandparents.  At least one of us got to enjoy the sand and ocean.   We did make the best of it but to have a 21 month old fussy isn't a vacation I want to go on again lol However, I did get some amazing beach photos from our first day there before the storm came!
would never guess the day after this photo would turn out like it did...poor guy :(

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