Here is a little none electronics gift guide for any toddler that has a birthday coming up. I know that I’m guilty of letting my kids get on their tablets/ipads and play games.  Although they are educational games sometimes we need to break away from all the electronic devices out there. 

  1. Bubble Machine - what kid doesn’t like chasing bubbles outside.
  2. Wooden Stacking Tower - I thought these were really pretty and great for using their imagination to see what all they can create with them.
  3. Work Bench - this one is geared towards boys a little bit more, but girls can grow up to be architects too!
  4. Bath Bombs - my kids love playing in the bathtub and I found these bath bombs that have a little surprise inside of them once they melt which my boys would go crazy over.
  5. Coloring Book with Crayons - just plain fun
  6. Harry Potter Books - these are obviously more for the 5 to 6-year-old range but the books come with illustrations which will keep them intrigued in the story
  7. Puzzle Globe - my oldest son actually has this toy and this is how he learned his continents so mom approved gift for sure
  8. Jump Rope - physical activity for working off the next gift ha
  9. CottonCandy Machine - super fun and great for parties 
  10. Scooter - this is a great outdoors alternative to a bike for toddlers that aren’t quite old enough for a bike 

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