Hey everyone! Hope you had an awesome weekend! Mine was pretty jam-packed. Saturday morning we had Parker‘s first soccer game of the season. It has been raining here in Columbia for the past few months and Saturday morning was no different. The soccer fields were so muddy! But the game must go on, right!?!  Anyways,what’s a little mud on your shoes. Parker did extremely well for his first game. I swear he scored 12 of the 15 goals for his team. We may want to work on passing the ball to his teammates a little more but other than that it was a great game and both teams did really well!  After his game was done we had to rush home to get Jude down for a nap because we had a birthday party to attend later on that day. The birthday party was at a marionette theater and they were performing the frog princess. I had actually never heard of that story but apparently it’s pretty popular. To say they did an amazing job would be an understatement. I was so intrigued by the show and it was incredible to watch. Sunday was a nice quiet and relaxing day.  I caught up on cleaning the house and doing the laundry. I know that doesn’t sound very exciting but to get caught up on doing all of that feels like the biggest accomplishment you can have sometimes lol!

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