Many of you may or may not know that my current house is tiny and by tiny I mean 1319sqft.  Now that might not sound tiny to some people living in New York City but that’s pretty small for a 4 person plus a dog house in the south. It’s three bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms which is perfectly fine for our family. I’m not complaining I promise! But it does get a little cramped when family comes to visit from out of town. And not having a guest room just isn’t working right now. Jude has now gotten to an age where I feel that him and his brother can share a room for a few years and that gives me an extra room for the in-laws. I wanted the room to feel like it was both of theirs now that Jude was moving into Parker’s room. I decided to wanted to take this opportunity to do acomplete makeover. As of right now he is not in the room because I still rely on the crib, but by this summer I plan on making the transition. I just wanted to get a head start on getting the room together.  A bonus to this is that it's nice having all of their toys in one room instead of two separate rooms.

We started with changing the paint color which was simply a plain ultra bright white paint. I wanted something more vibrant that represented ‘childhood for boys’ . I found this blue paint at Home Depot called Behr Explorer Blue M470-5 and instantly fell in love with it. After picking out the paint color the next step was finding a bunkbed and some way to store their toys without having 20 baskets in their room. I looked and looked on Amazon and different furniture stores for bunkbeds but I was not about to pay $600plus for a bunkbed that they’re only going to use for 5 to 6 years. That meant a trip to IKEA!  Luckily, they had the perfect bunkbed for $179...score!!! I did end up getting their mattresses from Amazon for cheaper than what Ikea was charging for theirs. Next on my list was figuring out how to store their toys, and being the Pinterest lover that I am I found a picture of toys stored on shelves and loved it. That turned out to be the best decision. I bought the brackets from IKEA (which I’ll link everything that I’m talking about below) and Tyler made the shelves from oak wood that we painted white. The light fixture that was in their room was hideous so it got replaced with a more modern and fun light fixture. I found the rug at RugsUSA. I was looking for a colorful rug. Most of the colorful ones on that website are geared more towards girls so it took me a while to find one but I finally did it and I love it! The animal heads on the wall came from Target.  A lot of the décor came from Target's clearance rack lol. The dressers are vintage and from consignment stores. I do plan on painting the green dresser to match a little better but that’s a future project and I’m in no hurry to do it. But for now we will enjoy all the color!

1. bunkbed 2. mattress 3. light fixture 4. paint 5. rug 6. animal heads 7. brackets 8. bunkbed lighting

PS - there's a cute short video at the end of this post ;)

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