This mischievous face has me sometimes wondering if I’m already seeing my future teenage son. The way he will argue or convince you that you were wrong is starting to make me a little nervous about the future haha

But then there’s this face, his angel face, his cuddle up on the couch and tell you he loves you face. This is the little boy that anytime he’s at Trader Joe’s wants to bring me flowers home!  Talk about melting his mom's heart.

Then there’s this guy. My little wanderer, always trying to play and keep up with his brother. He does things in his own way and in his own time and there’s no rushing it. But since he’s my last baby I’m in no hurry to see him grow up.

That is until he does this face which is the face of a boy that can’t keep up with his older brother and do the things he’s doing and the realization is not pretty!

These are just a few of the many faces these boys show on a daily basis.  Although sometimes they can stress me out to the max, I still love every single expression.  I can't wait to show Jude the last picture of him when he's in his twenties and say "Yup that was you 50% of the owe me a bottle of wine" lol

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