I thought I might attempt a DIY post today. As I have stated in the past I’m not big DIY person. I just don’t feel like I have that creative bone that you need to be a DIY person haha. I thought this was simple enough project that I felt came out pretty nice. I know people have done this before and I know they’ve done it a Thousand times better but I liked it so I thought I’d share. I got the terra-cotta pots from Michael’s [here and here]. I couldn’t find the smaller pots that I got but I think they were $1.65. I took some white art paint that I already had and watered it down in a cup. I than took a paint brush and painted the mixture onto the pots. I took a paper towel and rubbed it over the paint to give a smeared look. The paint actually dried a lot faster then I realized it was going to so as you can see there are a lot of paint strokes on the pots. I personally ended up liking it so it doesn’t bother me but just keep that in mind when you’re doing yours. I went to a local garden and the boys and I picked out our favorite herds to plant in the pots. The project took from start to finish 15 minutes! That’s my kind of project!! This is going to be my centerpiece for Easter this Sunday and I’m absolutely loving it. I downloaded the Happy Easter sign from here and brushed on a little mod podge then glued it to the back of a skewer stick.  I really like the simplicity of this centerpiece :)

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