Tyler’s parents were in town here recently and we decided to take the kids to opening day at the baseball Field. The kids had an absolute blast! Tyler and I on the other hand had fun, but I can tell you I have no idea who won the game because we were too busy running around with the kids and keeping them entertained to actually enjoy the game. Regardless, we had a lot of fun watching them run around with the biggest smiles on their faces! We ate hotdogs, tacos, popcorn, Oreo churros and beer... yeah the whole diet just went out the window! We let the kids go to the Kidzone to play in the bouncy houses. We had to walk the entire way around the field to get there and that’s all Jude wanted to do was go in the bouncy house. When we finally got there and paid for the tickets to go in he refused . He was absolutely terrified. So we let Parker and Tyler run around and use up all the tickets and Jude and I hung out waiting on them to finish up. We eventually got Jude to play one game where he had to try and hit the baseball that was floating in the air into tiny holes in the wall. I have a cute video that I am going to repost on Instagram of him successfully hitting the ball which I was very shocked about. Who knows, maybe a professional baseball player is on my hands lol. At the end of the game they had a huge firework show which was absolutely gorgeous. I mean every time you thought they were coming to an end it would start all over and it was awesome. Then after the fireworks were over they let the kids onto the field to run the bases. Parker took off and he left his dad and brother in the dust as he ran the bases, it was hilarious! All in all it was a great night full of amazing memories and I can’t wait to go to another game with the kids!!

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