Ever since we moved into our house we have been visualizing what we want our bathroom to become. When we first moved in the floors had to be replaced and we got to choose the tile floors we knew we wanted. After that we started moving at a snails pace and over the next three years we put in a new vanity, painted the walls and put in a new tile tub surround with a built in shelf. This year we got a loan for our kitchen renovation and we decided to use a little bit of that to finally complete our vison for the bathroom. We haven't had hot water in our bathroom sink since we moved into this house.  We also have very old piping in the shower.  When the plumber came out he basically said that all the plumbing needed to be changed out and the reason we didn't have hot water was due to rusting in the pipes. We had three very old handles in the tub which were way out of date.  Tyler and I figured that since we’re going ahead and changing out the sink piping we may as well get the new shower piping up-to-date and up to code. That meant that the tile surround that we had just put up about a year ago was going to have to come down again so that the plumbers could get behind the wall to change out all the plumbing for the shower.  Luckily, neither Tyler or I were very thrilled with our tile work or the tile that we chose so it wasn’t a gut punch to us, it just really sucked that we spent the money on it. 

Demo took place over two days since we both work full time jobs and couldn't take off of work to start the project. With a hammer, Tyler started ripping the tile down and I would take loads of debris down to the road.  Once we had the tub surround completely demoed out we had to get new cement boards up and made two boxes for the shelving in the shower wall.

During the demo time we didn't have a shower/tub in the house.  Luckily we have really great friends that let us come over to bathe the kids and let us take a shower a couple of times during the week. Anyways, the plumbers came out and it only took them half a day to change out all the piping.  We now have hot water in our sink, hallelujah!! So after all that was done we got the backer board up on the piping wall in the shower and did all the mudding and taping the seams up and let that dry overnight. The next day, we both took off from work and got busy tiling. It took us a full day to tile the entire tub surround.  We had originally planned on going all the way up to the ceiling with the tile but decided since none of the ceiling in our house is level we would instead stop about 5 inches from the top.  I'm pretty sure it saved us from getting extremely frustrated that night!  We both ended up realizing that it was a great decision and it make things sooo much easier on us.

The next day we started grouting. We got the bathroom completely grouted in a beautiful warm gray color. Another thing I forgot to mention earlier is that we got premade mortar and premade grout which I think was a huge time saver.  I will never not buy premade again! Yes, they’re more expensive but they save you time and they save you energy because trying to get the mortar to the right consistency when it’s not something you do on a daily basis isn't that easy. By this time we had the plumbers come back out to do whatever they needed to do with the copper piping to get the spouts and shower head on.  We were able to use the shower that night, yay! After all that it was time to move on to the rest of the walls in the bathroom.  Since we have plaster walls we decided to add a mold resistant drywall to protect the walls.  We took all the baseboards off the existing wall and placed the drywall directly to the plaster wall.  We went up 5ft for the height on the drywall.  After getting the drywall completely up and sealed off the cracks with joint compound we moved on to doing the board & batten. I have always loved the look of board and batten in bathrooms and was excited to get to add it in my bathroom.  

We used 1"x6" moulding vertically about every 18" and ran another 1"x6" horizontally all the way around the wall. We capped it off with a 1"x2" piece of moulding to give it a nice textured look. 
After we got the board and batten up and caulked around all the seams it was time to paint. We chose to do the ultra bright white paint and primer from Lowe’s in a semi gloss for the board and batten. For the walls and ceiling we went with Valspar Sky Space. It took about two days to complete all the painting but once it was done it was gorgeous. We do plan on getting the tub reglazed in a nice bright white at some point soon.  It has a lot of dings and scratches and it kind of looks permanently dirty.  I’ll definitely post about it once we get that done.

Now the fun part's time for me to go shopping!  I needed to buy new towels, baskets, a shower curtain and accessories for the bathroom.  I have yet to find a shower curtain that I like that  doesn't cost over $150.  I need the curtain to be at least 84 inches long so I can't simply use a standard curtain (they are only 72 inches).  I've been searching on Pinterest for some alternative shower curtain ideas so hopefully I'll have something soon.  

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