We start our kitchen demo in just a few weeks, and you guys, I literally am about to start ripping everything out myself!  I'M SO READY!!!  Now that the time is nearly upon us, I have to make some decisions. Here are two looks I'm choosing between for our kitchen. 

Our cabinets are actually being built by my brother-in-law who lives in Pennsylvania.  He’s making the cabinets in his shop and driving them down to South Carolina and installing them for us. I'm getting custom made shaker cabinets at cost which is saving us a huge chunk of money and we are going to be forever grateful to him for doing this. Now the hard part comes with choosing what color to paint them. And that is just the first decision. We also have to decide what faucet we want to purchase and what our range will be (and that decision comes with even more we want gas, electric or duel? do we want stainless or white? what color knobs do we want????)  I have already chosen the hardware for the cabinets. They are from Pottery Barn and I have already purchased them, so those are set in stone. We are planning on doing Calacatta Vintage Quartz countertops. They give the look of marble without the upkeep and price tag.  I’ve also picked out and bought our farmhouse sink that’s pictured. Additonally, we are ripping up the horrible, uneven tile floors that are in there now and replacing it with oak hardwood flooring. We’re going to have the new hardwood floors color matched to our existing floors so we can try and achieve an 'original to the house' look. On to the options...

Option one:

With this option I have chosen two toned cabinets. For the upper cabinets I am thinking of doing BM Chantilly Lace (which is basically an off-white) and the lower cabinets in a darker BM Wrought Iron. The kitchen is very small so I definitely don’t want to go too dark on the cabinets up top because I think it would make the kitchen feel even smaller than it already is. For the faucet, I am having a battle over going with a brass finish, which would match my hardware, or chrome. The cons with brass are that most of the plumbers out there wouldn’t recommend it due to the fact that they are pricey and don’t hold up as well as satin nickel and chrome (meaning they have the potential to rust). That’s a lot of money to put into a faucet that might not hold up. Dilemma, dilemma! For the backsplash, I don’t want to do a normal subway tile.  The tile I’m looking at is called Chantilly White Ceramic Subway Tile. Each tile looks like it was handmade so that means it doesn’t have perfect edges. I love this because it gives it a vintage look like it’s been in the house since it was built. Remember, my house was also built in 1933 so it’s pretty old. I want to stay true to the look of the house and not go too modern.  Now, for the range, we haven’t quite decided if we are doing a gas range or stick with electric. We love the idea of gas but we’re on such a tight budget with what we’re getting done already that I don’t know if we can afford to do it. If everything goes well and there are no unforeseen costs...fingers crossed...we are definitely going to add the gas line for the range.  One of the options is this beauty Hallman Single Oven dual fuel range. I don’t even have words for how much I love it, but it is pricey.

Option two:

There are only a few changes with option two. One of them is the paint color. With this option, I was thinking of doing the Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray for both the upper and lower cabinets. This gray falls between a light and medium tone gray which I think would make our kitchen still feel bright but give it some color as well. Something else that would change is going with a chrome faucet. The other change is the range. Again, this is only if we get the gas line put, but this range reminds me of a commercial style kitchen which is what option two is geared towards. This range is Cosmo brand and is about $800 less then the Hallman above.  Still every bit as beautiful, just a slightly different style. 

It really comes down to what paint options I want to do and I just don’t know.  If you have any opinions please comment and let me know because I have to decide in just a few more weeks and I’m feeling the pressure.

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