FAIR 2019

The fair was in town this past weekend and the boys were crazy excited about it! I wasn’t sure if Jude would actually get on any of the rides because he is my more skeptical son, but he thoroughly enjoyed the kiddie rides this year.  That means next year I will be buying two wristbands instead of one. My goodness, the price of tickets at the fair is insane. It’s crazy how you want to do a family outing and how expensive they make it for people. I will say that I enjoyed the look of pure joy on my kids face so I guess it was worth it. There was a free circus at the fair this year which was pretty awesome. Parker absolutely loved all the crazy motorcycles and dog tricks and acrobatics going on. His face was in awe the entire time. Jude on the other hand was ready to go pretty early on. He wanted to be where all the rides and food were, not stuck inside a circus tent. After being there a few hours it did start getting very crowded which made my anxiety go up.  We decided to call it a day because standing in line for 30 minutes with a 6 and 3 year-old for one ride is a no go in my books. 

I thought I would share some of the pictures from the day. It was very hard to get these kids to sit still long enough to take pictures so I got what I got. I think that they came out pretty great and totally represent how the kids felt. 

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