If you’re like me and like to set up your bar cart for the holiday season then now is the time. I put this list together for how I would make my bar cart but obviously everyone’s tastes are slightly different. I would recommend having 3 to 4 liquor varietals. Start with the standards of a bourbon or rye, a vodka and a gin. From there you can add in your favorite mixers. For my bar the standards include a few options of bitters, a decent dry and a sweet vermouth and dirty martini mix. I also like to have fun garnishes such as green olives and bourbon soaked cherries. Another staple to my bar is the glassware. I like an old-fashioned style rocks glass. If you’re not serving liquor but prefer the grape varietals, I suggest having a few options of reds and whites. For the reds a Cabernet and a Pinot Noir.  For the whites I suggest a Chardonnay and either a Sauvignon Blanc or a Pinot Grigio. For the glassware I prefer a wide based wineglass to really open up the flavors. I hope I’ve given you some great ideas to get your bar cart started. In the end it’s all about your personal preference. Happy Drinking!

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