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With Thanksgiving right around the corner I decided to share what I think is a great table layout for the holiday.  I, unfortunately, will not personally have my dining room ready in time for this years festivities.  If you're following me on Instagram then you know that we are in the process of installing bookcases in our dining room.  It's been a long time since we haven't had some type of construction going on in our house but I just tell myself it's worth it in the end.  I plan on doing a whole post about the bookcases so be on the look out.

Anyway, this picture is literally making me crave a gorgeous dining room.  It also makes me very sad that it's not going to happen this year but I'll keep my head up and think to the future haha

  1.  I have been eyeing this dining room table for over a year now. I still love it so it’s probably going to be my first big purchase in our dining room. I love the color and the thickness of the legs. It has a perfect mix of modern, classic and farmhouse, which I love.
  2. The garland is super pretty in person. I would buy two of them for a thicker look and drape them in the middle of the table.  
  3. I would place the pinecones throughout the garland.
  4. I found this dinner plate set at Joss & Main . They are gorgeous porcelain everyday plates. I found the decorative plate at hobby lobby. 
  5. I absolutely love both of these chairs. The fabric chair is from Joss & Main. It has a slip cover over it! It's perfect for people like me that have kids with dirty hands and a propensity to spill everything. The slipcover comes right off and you can wash it and put it right back on. No harm no foul. I found the wooden chairs at Amazon and I have been obsessed with this style chair for a long time now.  
  6. If you know me, then you know that I love all things gray. I am more of a neutral colors girl, it’s who I am, and a simple gray napkin with gorgeous gold flatware is my love language!
  7. These water glasses I found at Walmart. They’re the pioneer woman brand and they’re plain ol' pretty and can go with anything.
  8. You can’t go wrong with super huge wine glasses am I right!?! These are simple yet affective.
  9. The candles are kind of self-explanatory. I would place the taper & votive candles throughout the garland to make for a more elegant look.
  10. I would buy three sets of these gold taper candle holders to have plenty of them throughout the table...and I would keep them there year around to be honest.

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