This year, instead of leaving cookies and milk for Santa Claus I would up my game a little. Santa gets enough PLAIN milk, so I thought he might want to enjoy a relaxing cocktail from his busy night of delivering presents...right!?!ha. Instead of wasting milk that ends up going down the drain by pretending Santa drank it all, I came up with two yummy holiday cocktails that you can drink as soon as the kids are in bed. These cocktails are very nice looking & are a delicious way for your kids to show "Santa" some real appreciation! 

This first cocktail is super easy. An adult hot chocolate with a peppermint rim is so tasty to sip on while you’re either frantically wrapping your presents or putting together some complex toy for your child to wake up to on Christmas morning.

Adult Hot Chocolate
(Makes 1)

1 hot chocolate packet
8 oz water
Splash of heavy cream 
2 oz vanilla vodka
Chocolate syrup
Crushed up candy cane

Make your hot chocolate according to its directions on the packet. Using two small plates, pour the chocolate syrup on one and crushed up candy cane on the other. Take your rocks glass and dip the rim in the chocolate syrup then into the candy cane. Pour in your hot chocolate and vanilla vodka then top with heavy cream. Stir everything together with a spoon and add a couple of marshmallows or whipped cream or whatever you prefer on top and enjoy!

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For the next cocktail I have a Caramel Coffee White Russian. You guys, this cocktail is seriously so amazing! This is one of those cocktails I can see myself getting in trouble with because it goes down so easy and you don’t realize how much alcohol is really in it until you've had too many. What I am saying is 'be careful while sipping' on this one and trying to put a toy together ;)

Caramel Coffee White Russian
(Makes 1)

1 oz KahlĂșa
1 oz Van Gogh coffee vodka
1 oz Irish Cream liquor
Splash of Milk or Heavy Cream*

Pour all three of the liquors in the order listed above into a rocks glass filled with ice. In a shaker, pour your milk and add caramel to it and shake for a good 10 seconds. Then pour your frothy caramel milk over the top until it fills the rocks glass. With a bar spoon, stir all ingredients together. Sip & Enjoy!

By making Santa one these cocktails you will forever be on the nice list! Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas & You’re Welcome ;)

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