I realized I never did a post on the kitchen cost. The kitchen has been finished for a little over 5 months now and we are still in love with it!

I know when I look at other home renovation blogs I like to see the actual cost of each phase of the renovation. I feel like it helps me get a better understanding of the real cost to upgrading your home and it helps to plan a realistic budget. I’m breaking down the cost of everything from the floors to our appliances here today. We did run into some unexpected costs, which seems to always happen when doing any type of home renovations. Due to that unexpected cost we took on doing a couple projects ourselves, like painting and trimming instead of hiring someone. It was time-consuming, but it saved us a lot of money in the end.

Let’s get started...

Demo - $2397.00 (contractor)
Ripping up existing floor tile, dust protection and cleaning, and dumpster

Drywall - $1800.00 (contractor)
Gypsum drywall, 1/4 inch plain board (instead of ripping the walls completely down, to save money we just installed the drywall over the existing plaster walls)

Floor Joints Replacement - $2,084.72 (contractor)
This was one of our unexpected costs. All the floor joints under the kitchen floor had to be replaced due to too much damage.

Subflooring - $377.20 (contractor)
3/4 inch plywood sheathing

Built wall for Washer and Dryer - $530.00 (contractor)
This was very important to us.  All of our plumbing and electrical for our washer and dryer were visible so we built a wall to hide it all.

Electrical - $800.00 (contractor)
Remove and reinstall outlets and add outlet in butlers pantry

Hardwood Floors - $2,198.00 (contractor)
Red Oak flooring

Door - $350.00 (contractor)
Prehung exterior door

Plumbing - $950.00 (contractor)
Installing kitchen faucet, garbage disposal, washer box & dishwasher

Paint - $350.00 (us)
Paint the kitchen walls, cabinets, crown molding, and door ourselves

Trim - $480.60 (contractor)
Base Board 1 in x 8 in

Countertops Kitchen - $1,825.00 (contractor)
Cosmos Calacatta Vintage Quartz countertops

Countertops Butlers Pantry - Free (us)
Made out of wood leftover from cabinets

Custom Made Cabinets - $8,000.00 (us)
Shaker Styled cabinets made by brother-in-law and installed with the help of family

Hardware - On sale for 30% off $178.50 (original price $255.00) (us)
Knobs and Pulls came from Pottery Barn

Tile - $350.00 (us)
We got an amazing deal on tile because of my connection at my work. This price also includes the tiling sheets and grout.

Sink & Faucet - $417.00 + $137.00 (us and contractor)
Brother-in-law installed sink and a plumber hooked up the faucet

Gas Line - $525.00 (contractor)
Install gas line to stove, install dryer box and disconnect gas to dryer

Permit - $786.85 (contractor)
Building permit fees

Overhead/Profit/Tax on materials for Contractor - $3,552.79 (contractor)

Appliances - $3,958.00 (us)
Counter depth refrigerator, dishwasher, washer & dryer

Total Cost - $31,517.67

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