So after my last post where I talked about not feeling good about myself, I decided to change a couple of things and maybe freshen up a few different areas of my life. I started with my kids room. Their room is a royal shit show! Toys everywhere, clothes everywhere, no's just craziness. I started by going through all their toys, and these kids have sooo many. It's actually ridiculous how many toys they have.  I really think it's overwhelming for them.  

It’s really hard for me to get rid of toys that are still pretty much brand new, but they have a massive amount of them that they have never even played with. So I went in and I purged through everything. It felt wrong to give away toys that family/friends spent their money on, but it’s what needed to be done. I do, however, take all the gently used toys to a local thrift shop that gives 50% of their proceeds to the homeless organization here instead of it going straight in the pockets of CEOs (cough, cough, Goodwill). I don't hide or secretly get rid of the toys behind my kids backs.  I want them to see that giving their none used toys away will hopefully bring joy to another child out there.  Sometimes it's not easy and they will try and fight me on it but if a certain toy upsets them greatly I do allow them to keep it.  I mean, I'm not a monster lol. 

Besides purging the kids toys I am also in the process of thinking of a new paint color for the room. As you may remember, I did just recently paint the kids room here.  I do like the color, but it’s just not me. I am more of a neutral type of person and that bright blue just hurts my eyes. It’s pretty and I love seeing it in other people's rooms, but I personally can’t handle it anymore. Yes, my husband thinks I’m crazy and I’m sure some of y’all will too. But I’m finally figuring out my color palette that works best for me and what makes me happy. I’ve been looking on Pinterest for great ideas and I think I’ve got some.  Now it’s time to go see the colors in person because whats on a computer screen could look completely different in person. This isn’t something I’m going to get done next week and maybe not even in the next month or so, but the process has begun. Below, I’m sharing a neutral bedroom moodboard of some ideas I'm looking at for our kids room. 

I’m hoping that by getting my house organized it starts helping my mental health a little bit more.

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