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  1. An art easel is a great way to store all the many many, many drawings/paintings/sketches your kids will be doing during this isolation time
  2. I absolutely love these paint sticks. They are less messy than using paint and brushes.  My kids seem to be more creative with them because they have more control with the sticks.
  3. The volcano is an amazing science project to do with your kids. What kid wouldn’t love watching something explode!?
  4. This cookbook has been on my wish list for a little while now, and this is the perfect time to start trying all those recipes out that you never had time you have all the time in the world apparently
  5. Parker would love this joke book. I’m sure at some point it would get annoying to the parents but it’s a great way for kids to find their own humor.
  6.  I've been thinking about getting this camera for Jude. He has shown a serious interest in taking pictures lately, and this camera is perfect for his size. You could come up with some great activities. For example, going on a walk and trying to find different items on that walk and then when you get home can go through the pictures and talk about them
  7. ( &8 ) These two items go hand-in-hand. You can never have enough Play-Doh in my house especially since you think you’ve cleaned it all up and a day or two later you’ll think you just stepped on a rock in your house and it will be a dried up piece of Play-Doh...haha This is just a great way to have them use their imagination. 

  8. A bubble machine is probably one of the better inventions of our time, at least for parents it is. If any of you have ever sat outside with your kids and had to blow bubbles the old fashioned way you know that it gets tiring quick, but pouring some bubbles into a machine and letting the kids go crazy is the way to go.  You just sit back and relax!  Make sure to buy extra bubbles for the machine because the ones that come with it go very fast.
  9.  This one is obviously for adults. You’re going to need your wine or beer or whatever it is that you drink at the end of the night because having your kids 24-7 can make any parent go insane.  You need your medicine at the end of the night, am I right!?! Ha
  10. This is one of the more expensive items on the list, but I think it could be a great investment not only for this social distancing but year round.  Since kids shouldn't be going to park or anywhere they can releasing their energy, this could be a great way to accomplish this.  A bonus is once they’re done with jumping for the day it literally deflates and you can store it away, unlike a trampoline or a jungle gym set.                                       
  11.  This puzzle is a great way to pass the time when you've had enough of Netflix. 
  12. Of course I put pajamas on here because if I’m staying home all day I’m going to be as comfortable as possible! What’s the point in getting all dressed up to go nowhere!?! 

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