With everyone in the country basically having to homeschool right now, I thought this would be a great time to share some of my favorite kids YouTube channels. These are great educational channels that won't make you feel like a bad parent because your kid is sitting in front of a screen for longer  than they are used to. I never went to school to become a teacher, but since I'm being thrown into it I needed to find a way to help my children understand their lessons without losing my mind in the process. My patience is very low, so trying to teach the required lessons in a way that a 3 and 6 year old will understand is not my strong suit.  I’ll give you an example - Parker had a worksheet he needed to complete about proper and common nouns.  You may think this is no biggie, but trying to explain it to a 6 year old in terms that he will comprehend is not so simple of a ask. I decided to check out YouTube for kids videos on this subject and hundreds popped up.  Parker watched a couple of different videos and by the end he could tell the difference between a proper and common noun. These videos keep kids focused and are fun for them to watch.

Below are 3 different levels of videos for teaching toddlers to 1st grade.

Toddler Level
Peppa Pig - Most people already know about Peppa Pig. The show has been around for a few years now. It’s an British based show, but they’ve got an hour and a half worth of episodes in one video on YouTube, so it can keep the kids entertained for a decent amount of time. It’s also a great show about learning and caring and taking care of things, so a great show for the toddler level to understand.

Blippi - If you haven’t heard of Blippi, then count your blessings. No I’m just kidding! He is actually really educational. He goes out into the real world and teaches kids educational things about playgrounds and sharing and goes on tours of factories and museums. He may be a little annoying to the parents but kids love him.

Preschool Level
Lotty Learns - This is a great entry level channel for preschoolers.  It has reading lessons, teaches the alphabet, sight words and counting.

Kindergarten and 1st Grade Level
Homeschool Pop - This channel is like having an actual teacher in your house. It’s all animated, which makes it fun for the kids to watch, and it is very educational. I love it when my son doesn’t even realize when he’s learning and retaining information in a fun way.

Kids Learning Tube - This is an awesome channel for learning about social studies and science. It has amazing videos that are very entertaining for kids. It even has a great video on the coronavirus outbreak so kids can understand what’s going on.

Bonus (gym time)
Kidz Bop Kids - This channel is full of kids singing very popular songs and teaching dance routines.  This is perfect for burning your kids energy, especially on a rainy day when you cannot get outside and you’re going stir crazy.

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