For the past month and a half, the social distancing/quarantining has had its ups and downs. At first it seemed great because Tyler and I could finally get projects around the house completed that we’ve been putting off for a year or more. It was as fun at first, but then it just got daunting looking at the never ending to-do list. On top of that, my oldest, who is in kindergarten, does not like to sit still and pay attention when their are distractions all around the house. We also have our 3 year old, that is not quite ready for homework, running around the house screaming for someone to play with him because he's 'soooo bored!!' I have also been baking way too many treats, as you’ve probably seen on Instagram...brownies, cookies, has to stop! I may have taken up drinking a little more than I used to as well.  By 5pm around here I’m pulling my hair out. Has anyone else’s bedtime routines gone straight out the window? I used to have such a great routine with my boys and their bedtimes, but now that’s not a thing at all anymore. I’m lucky if I get them asleep before 9 o’clock these days. After they’re finally asleep I’m so exhausted from dealing with them all day that I barely can keep my eyes open past 9:30. However, I feel extremely sad for them too because both of them are missing out on seeing their friends and going places because we’re living in this time of fear. I try my hardest to not let them see the frustration and the sadness that I feel at times, but I know that deep down they know things are different. I’ve talked to both of them about the virus and why we don’t go out as much anymore.  Parker understands that it’s dangerous but he definitely doesn’t grasp how dangerous it is for certain people. I guess I’m going to do what everyone else is doing and keep on going, We're all in this together as they say.  Hopefully we can get back into society without fear soon. Everything just feels so different right soul just hurts with this unknown. 

I thought I’d share some photos of life at my house the past month and a 1/2.  

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