Remember that time before kids and how clean your car used to be?!…yeah, well say goodbye to those days. Kids will destroy the inside of a car in a matter of seconds.  At first you will get mad and tell them no more food or drinks in the car ever again... but then you quickly realize that punishes you more than them.  Before you know it you're shoving snacks their way to keep them quiet just a little longer.  My car has taken a beating after this past vacation and it needs a nice detail cleaning for sure! I thought I'd share some great Amazon finds that will help you keep your car a little bit cleaner during the in-between deep cleanings.   

1. Floor Mats-  Have you ever had a lollipop stuck to the carpet of the car? No? Then you have been lucky so far and are just biding your time... because it will happen, I promise. You’ll eventually learn that plastic floor mats are the way to go.  Easy to clean and they help keep the carpet looking new.  

2. Travel/Activity Tray- I've seen many different travel set ups for kids, but this one is golden! It comes with a solid tray for the kids to actually be able to use a coloring book or eat their snack off of. It also comes with pockets on the sides to hold their things.  There is even a tablet holder in front so they don’t have to waste their precious energy holding their electronics lol...which are amazing for creating a much more pleasant drive for the parents.

3. Cleaning Gel- this stuff is 100% environmentally friendly, safe to use and is non-toxic. It helps clean up crumbs and dust that are in really hard places to get with a vacuum cleaner.

4. Car Humidifier - how freaking cool is this portable humidifier!?! If you’re on a long car ride then you understand the importance of having clean air coursing through your car. It says it helps promote blood circulation and metabolism of body cells, relieves nerve tension, eliminates fatigue, relieves anxiety and helps keep you at ease when driving. That sounds like a winner to me! 

5. Car Seat Gap Fillers - how many times have you dropped your phone (or who am I kidding...McDonald's French Fries) in between the seat and the arm rest? I’ve done it more times than I can count and these gap fillers are perfect to prevent that from you can store other accessories there.  

6. Window Breaker and Seatbelt Cutter - I feel like these are very self-explanatory...but they are very important to have in your car in case of an emergency. I have actually heard of stories of kids getting seatbelts wrapped around their necks while playing and it locks up and keeps tightening on them.  It's a scary situation that you think won't happen to you, but wouldn't you rather be safe than sorry.  

7. USB Car Charger - One or two USB chargers in a car is simply not enough these days! With all the phones/tablets/gaming devices out there you need multiple USB outlets in a car...especially if you have more than one kid.  

8. Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner - This is a must if you have kids and/or if your kids are four-legged animals. With the crumbs and/or the hair that gets all over the seats and in the cracks of every little place you definitely need a portable vacuum cleaner. This one comes with a 16 foot cord that can reach every spot of even the longest mini-van!

9. Trunk Organizer - This simple device helps declutter your trunk. It helps create extra room and helps to organize your trunk space. This one has five deep pockets to store car accessories, toys, extra clothes, sports gear, small tools...anything you can possibly think of. Think of the time you’ll save not digging through your car looking for something.

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