When it became time to decorate my Christmas tree this year I decided to go a little more on the feminine side. In previous years, I’ve always gone with the more traditional reds and greens. Last year I ended up flocking our Christmas tree because I love the look of snow on the branches.  This year, however, after I had re-flocked the tree and made a huge mess we ended up bending one of the legs which made the tree lean. I took that as a sign/excuse to buy a whole new tree.  I know my husband could have fixed the leg but I knew I didn't want to keep re-flocking the tree each year either.  I ran out to Walmart and found this gorgeous pre-flocked Christmas tree. The branches are flocked really thick and they also have pinecones throughout it! I think when I got this tree that is when I knew I needed new ornaments.  I tend to have a more masculine styled home so for the tree I wanted to go for the extreme opposite. I was in Hobby Lobby (which my husband has now banned me from haha) just staring at the beautiful pinks, golds and bows and flowers and just everything girly.  So I did it...and this is how it turned out.  What do y'all think!?! 

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