So for Thanksgiving this year we are keeping it small. My mother is coming in from Georgia to spend a few days with our family.  We're trying to keep it low-key, so we decided to make Thanksgiving dinner a little bit fancier than our normal buffet style.  Another reason I’m going fancier is because our kids won’t eat the traditional Thanksgiving food.  For example, and I know this is crazy, they hate green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and mac and cheese unless it comes in a blue box. Seriously, I know there’s something wrong with them! They do, on the other hand, love roasted fresh green beans, baked scallop potatoes, honey glazed carrots...I have no idea how they got so sophisticated lol. I’m actually digging it though since it's just my mom and why not get a little fancy!

We also just finished our dining room with a gorgeous grid pattern accent wall and a new pendant light that plays well with the new décor I got for our table setting. The accent wall is painted in Peppercorn by Sherwin-Williams which has turned into our new favorite color. I purchased our plaid curtains from Bed Bath and Beyond, which are still on clearance if you're interested! Pretty much everything else came from Hobby Lobby. You can't beat 50% off all holiday stuff, am I right!?! The Christmas tree is decorated with non-breakable ornaments, which is necessary for anyone with kids or pets.  I'm going to link everything below.

Ribbon / Poinsettia Pick / Snowball Ornaments / Clear Ornaments / Plaid Napkins / Gold Candle Holder Large / Gold Candle Holder SmallTaper Candles / Gold Flatware / Eucalyptus / Vase (can't find the one I have online) I love these two here and here / Out of the Thankful (sorry)

Here's our Thanksgiving Menu

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