With 2020 being one of the suckiest years to date, I've been excited for Christmas to bring a little joy back in our lives.  On the morning of Christmas Eve I told my boys that they could open one gift before they went to bed. That was definitely a bad idea! By lunch time they asked me about opening their presents at least 20 times.  It was worth it in the end though...I loved seeing them that happy!  I remember when I was their age how excited I was the night before Christmas. I love seeing them get that same feeling...just not at 5 am when my oldest son decided it was time to wake up and see if Santa ate any of the cookies we left him. Luckily for me though, Tyler took him into the playroom and that's where they stayed until Jude got up.  At that point I was forced to get out of bed lol! Watching them open their gifts made it well worth it though!   Later on that morning Tyler decided to bake one of our favorite cookies...Peanut Butter Hershey Kisses Cookies! The boys got to help place the chocolate kisses in each cookie!  We spent the rest of the day relaxing, eating and playing with our kids new toys. What a great way to finish out this sh$t show of a year!!! But now it's time to kiss 2020 GOODBYE!! Here's to 2021!

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