We are getting ready to revamp our playroom and turn it into a media/family room. Before we can do that we have to find somewhere to host the bazillion toys in that room. There is a pretty good size closet in there so now we need to maximize it's potential that to make this work. It is full of boxes with random stuff, so the first order of business is to go through that and see what we do and don’t need. Second, we have to clean it out and find a new home for all of it. Third thing, we have go to IKEA get closet organizational hardware and move all the toys into the closet. If we can get that closet organized with labels on containers it would make it much easier for the kids to find their toys and also clean them up at the end of the day. This will also be a great thing for us to do because our kids have so many toys that they don’t even use because the room is soooo disorganized. I would love to go through everything and take the toys they have outgrown or they don’t play with to a shelter or donate somewhere. I mean, have you ever just looked in your kids room and really thought about how ridiculous the amount of stuff they have is!?!  I mean, for goodness sake‘s, we have a room dedicated to just their toys. I definitely think this is a much needed cleanse!  We need to step back and evaluate the amount of things we buy for our kids. 

Once we organize the toys we can move forward with the rest of the room. Below, I have shared the items that I am using to help with this process. About 90% of everything is coming from IKEA because  you can't beat their pricing and it’s just going in a closet. I’ve linked everything below.

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