We have lived in our new house for about five months now and we have finally decided it’s time to complete Jude's room. As of now it consists of four empty walls, a bed and a teepee...nothing else. We desperately need to paint the dingy, dirty gray that’s on the walls now. When we bought this house every room in the house was painted in Sherwin -Williams Repose Gray, which, from what I’m seeing, is a very popular color. Here’s the catch though...the entire house was painted in that color in the finish flat. Not only does this gray tend to have a lot of brown undertones that I don’t like, it also doesn’t hold up well with the kids and their greasy hands. The only places in a house you should use flat paint, in my opinion, would be the ceiling or other low traffic areas...or if you’re doing a two tone wall you could use flat for the upper color. You definitely don’t want to use it in hallways, kitchens, living rooms and especially not kids rooms!! It holds onto dirt and you can’t get it off so you are constantly touching up your walls with paint...and who has time for that!?! I am going to repaint his room in my favorite Sherwin-Williams color Alabaster White. It is probably the prettiest white I have ever found. It has a beautiful creaminess and a warm feeling to it. Trust me, it’s gorgeous! On a different note, I did recently purchase Jude a new bed off of Amazon. I decided to go with a daybed because his bedroom is really small. This way the bed is up against the wall instead of sticking out into the room. Plus, and possibly the best thing, is that Jude absolutely loves it! Parker is very jealous and is asking for his own daybed now.  Jude’s favorite color is blue, so that is why I decided to do a semi-coastal theme to play off his favorite color. The first option is a little more adultlike, but I wanted him to have a room that doesn't feel too babyish. The second option has more of the kid feel behind it. To be honest, I’ll probably end up taking things from both options and combining them in his room. Let know which one you like. 

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