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As you saw over the weekend we have started work on the soon to be family/media room.  Right now the room is acting as a playroom for the kids.  Technically, it's still the playroom...we took advantage of the huge closet in there by adding new shelving and having all the toys in bins/baskets inside.  The one thing about this room is that it has great natural lighting...but once the sun has gone down the lighting in there is lacking to say the least.  I would like to add a new ceiling light but I need it to be a flush mount.  The ceilings in our second level are only 8ft which makes the rooms feel smaller and closed in.  Since we want this room as our media room we don't want a pendant light hanging in the way of the tv.  To me, flush mount lights don't offer the best lighting, so we will be adding wall sconces to help with that.  We are looking for plug-in sconces due to the fact that I don't want to hire an electrician. Instead, I went to my favorite place for affordable plug-in options.  I thought I'd share a few that I've found on Amazon that I'm loving!

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