*I wrote this post a few weeks ago before I found the perfect family room sofa...the one that I'm sure you've seen on my Instagram.  I still wanted to post this because it has a lot of great options for any budget.  

Let's talk that the closet and the board and batten is finished, we can focus on what we need in this room to make it functional/relaxing for all of us to hang out as a family. I envision sitting on a deep sofa curled up with my kids watching a movie. Right now, there’s a futon in there, which was fine when it was just the kids using the room, but that won't work now. As anyone might know, futons are super uncomfortable.  There’s little to no padding in them so they are not good for long periods of sitting. Needless to say the futon is going away...however, I don’t want to spend a ton of money on a new sofa considering the kids will probably destroy it fairly quickly. A must for us is definitely deep cushions because they make it feel more homey to sit on. I've been scouring the internet for options...some of them way out of our price range but I really love the way they look so I included them here. We haven’t officially set a price range. We have also thrown around the idea of moving the current living room couch that we got from West Elm a few years ago up to the family room. Then we could spend a little more money on a nicer sofa for the living room since the kids would mainly be upstairs and hopefully won't ruin it. I’ve linked all the sofas below.


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