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If you know me, you know how much I love coffee...but running to Starbucks every day can really start to add up quick, so I decided to invest in some items for my own little personal coffee shop at home. I wanted to share some of the must-have items I discovered that everyone should have to be able to get that 'coffee shop' feel in their home too. 

-You obviously need to start with a coffee don’t have to pick this one, but I would recommend getting a decent non-'Mr. Coffee' style pot.  

-I have absolutely fallen in love with my cold brew pitcher that I bought off Amazon a few weeks ago and it has forever changed me.  It’s so easy and so delicious.  

-You’ll definitely need to buy some syrups. I tend to always get the sugar free ones...they make me feel a tiny bit better about my choices lol! 

-Normally I buy my coffee beans already grounded up, but on occasion I get whole beans, and for that you need a nice grinder to help out.

-The best invention to this date for a home coffee bar has been this handheld frother. I use it every day...I’m not kidding...every day! 

-The other items pictured are pretty self-explanatory, plus a few cute coffee mugs. Have I mentioned I have a tiny obsession with collecting coffee mugs.

I hope these products help you like they helped me! And trust me, once you have it all set up you will start seeing the savings right away, and you won't miss that Starbucks at all I Promise!!

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